On The Slate

Slate Pro Audio introduced the Raven MTX Multitouch Production Console at AES. The Raven MTX is touch screen display featuring the Raven Mixer, a powerful multitouch mixer that can control all major DAWs, with a flexible, user-customisable toolbar. The Raven also incorporates a full-featured analogue monitoring section with multiple speaker outs and input sources, smart phone connectivity, USB, and multiple headphone send and cue options. The Raven touch display uses new touchscreen technology, and has a custom made Nano Glide surface. The ultra thin 2mm glass is coated with a proprietary nano technology that makes the surface slick and smooth. The 46-inch screen makes it easy to tweak DAW controls. Slate say that the Raven was built from the ground up to ‘modernise the idea of the classic recording console.’