Orange amp signed by Download artists raises £1k at Manchester attack charity auction

Supplier PMT Manchester donated a signed Orange amp to a charity auction to raise funds for victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. 

The CR60C Combo amp, signed by some of the Orange Ambassadors who performed at Download 2017, sold for £1,000 on July 7. All proceeds will go to the We Love Manchester charity.

PMT Manchester Store Manager Andy ‘Beef’ Hartwell said: "PMT Manchester and Orange have a long-standing friendship. I wasn’t prepared for the generosity of Cliff Cooper and James Deacon giving me a £400 amp signed by artists at Download festival last year. The amp donation reached £1,000 at auction that night. A terrific success only possible with the help of our friends at Orange Amps."

Th amp was signed by Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Vman (Alessandro Venturella) from Slipknot. Other signatures on the amp were Billy Martin from Good Charlotte, Steve Micciche from Every Time I Die, Vidar Landa, Bjarte Lund Rolland and Maciek Ofstad guitarists with Kvelertak and Bryan Giles and David Sullivan guitarists with Red Fang. 

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, was created after the Manchester Arena attack to help relieve financial hardship among the victims and survivors of the disaster including families and dependents of those killed or injured and to relieve physical and mental sickness or disability of the victims and their dependents.