Oslo’s newest music production facility opts for AMS Neve

Newtone Studios, the latest music production facility to open its doors in the Norwegian capital of Oslo has based its main mix room around a 24-channel AMS Neve Genesys G48 console.

Established in January this year, and designed as a multipurpose, shared creative workspace with a commercial recording studio as the heart of the operation, Newtone is the amalgamation of three musical enterprises, combining the knowledge and experience of Tom Erik Skram, Andrè Viervoll and Aksel Jensen.

Viervoll had managed Parachute Studio in Mølleparken for almost a decade, but when the lease expired he and Jensen made the decision to join forces and took the opportunity to unite with Skram and his team in Kalbakken.

“[In Kalbakken] we could find the real estate we needed to build a studio and it made perfect sense to have it in the same space as a complete electronics workshop and a software/hardware development environment,” explained Jensen. “Just as in the large studio complexes back in the day, we are able to service our own equipment, modify it and design and build custom gadgets to tailor the workflow as we want. Andrè brought his new Bösendorfer 225 grand piano and esoteric mic collection from Parachute, but then we needed a centrepiece – and after visiting AMS Neve HQ, we realised Genesys was the answer. It soon arrived and we were ready to roll!”

Newtone’s Genesys G48 console now sits proudly in custom-designed furniture in the main mix room and is fitted together with a Pro Tools dock and small built-in touch screen for the Genesys.

“The Genesys fits right into our workflow,” stated studio manager Viervoll. “With total recall of all parameters, analogue automation and DAW control, it has every feature we desired. Sound-wise we get the classic Neve sound we’d expect, with industry standard 1073 preamps and 1084 EQ. We are blown away with the sound of desk – and we really appreciate the tons of headroom we have. The only regret we have is not buying more channels and dynamics for every channel!”