Outline GTO powers Justin Moore tour

Special Event Services (SES) deployed an Outline GTO-based sound system for the 2013 Justin Moore ‘Outlaws Like Me’ US tour.

Using Outline’s exclusive OpenArray 3D Simulation Software, SES employed the company’s integrated flying hardware system to achieve audience coverage and the best possible sound quality at each stop.

The set-up featured a combination of Outline’s GTO, GTO-DF, Butterfly, Mantas, LIPF and Lab 21 speakers.

“The most significant aspect of the Outline system that we used for Justin Moore is that it replicates everything I give it without colouration,” said Moore’s front-of-house engineer, Jeff Oliver.

“Every stage source, from all the guitar amps and microphones, to the drum kit and Justin’s vocals, are faithfully reproduced at each venue with unbelievable consistency. Such replication can be difficult to achieve live, and the Outline system does so with ease. The system puts out exactly what I put in, and I think that is the hardest aspect to achieve for live, touring concerts.

"With Outline, the sound is so good that the audience members feel like they are on the stage with the band no matter where they are sitting. Once you work with Outline, you get the chance to learn how an intimate sound can be achieved in a large arena.”

John Kaylor, systems engineer at SES, added: “Outline’s OpenArray software and the design of the cabinets make setup very fast and straightforward. We go in, measure the room and do all of the predictions in OpenArray, which is really simple to use. The result is a very detailed and accurate sound across every venue. The system’s automatic function chooses the angles for each cabinet. We set each cabinet in the array accordingly and fly the system quickly and accurately every time.

“I’ve heard elements of our band out of this PA system that I never knew were there before. The Outline system delivers the level of clarity you generally see in a recording studio, a much more controlled listening environment. The stereo imagery is second to none. There are nuances that you just don’t hear in other speaker systems.

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