Outline releases GTO C-12 line source array

Italian manufacturer Outline celebrated its 40th Anniversary by unveiling the GTO C-12 line source array at Prolight + Sound 2013.

Following the GTO concept of harnessing the power of multiple transducers in a compact cabinet, the GTO C-12 features dual high-power 12” LF drivers, four 6.5” midrange units and two 3” throat compression drivers.

The footprint of the C-12 is the same as all the other modules in the GTO range, allowing full compatibility with GTO, GTO-SUB, GTO-LOW and GTO-DF in terms of rigging, flying hardware and wheelboards.

Incorporating Outline’s V-Power Concept and patented DPRWG Wave Guide, and using the most advanced transducer technology available to the firm, the GTO C-12 carries the familiar high resolution signature sound synonomous with the Outline brand and its family of line array products.

“GTO is one of the most potent line-source systems ever produced, and everyone who works with it comments on its effortless power, clarity and definition, even in the largest and most demanding applications," stated Outline’s EMEA sales director, Chris Hinds. "For many of our clients however, there are numerous applications for a system that produces an extremely high output power – surpassed only by its ‘big brother’ – but in a lighter and more compact format. That is the market demand that has driven the development of GTO C-12.”

It is 21.6 per cent smaller in the vertical plane than the GTO, while overall weight is down 30 per cent.

The use of a special aluminium alloy for the integral rigging hardware – originally developed for GTO – contributes largely to the weight saving. The system also provides 12 different adjustment settings in the angle between connected GTO C-12 cabinets, adding further to its real-world flexibility and adaptability.

“This is big news for the many production companies that work in venues which only provide a single rigging point per side and / or have low lying weight limitations, because they can now bring in an easy-to-handle, compact system that is quick to rig and de-rig, which requires only one motor per side and yet produces more than enough power to handle any event,” added Outline’s loudspeaker systems designer Francesco Simeoni.

Thanks to a common-voicing approach, the GTO C-12 can be freely deployed with GTO systems for side hangs or delays, or supplemented with other Outline products when used as a main system.

It is also is fully compatible with the GTO-SUB, DBS 18-2 and LAB 21 HS subwoofers. The company can supply suitable DSP controller presets for any combination of GTO C-12 and Outline subwoofers.

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