Pacha partners with d&b audiotechnik for new Dubai club

A d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system has been installed in Pacha Ibiza Dubai.

Four years in the making, the new nightclub is now the latest and largest venue in the global Pacha franchise.

“When you work in a place where you know the content will all be Electronic Dance Music (EDM), with no acoustic content – everything pure electronic – then you don’t want any contribution from the room acoustic,” was how Janko Ramuscak of d&b, who lead the German design team, described the principal demand imperative. “The ideal would be totally dry and direct.”

Located next to the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah resort in Dubai, the club is spread over three floors; the mix of entertainment experiences, room spaces, VIP locations and an open rooftop terrace, demanded a complex, zoned solution requiring over 100 channels of amplification.

Drawing on elements from the d&b V-Series and Q-Series for the main PA, with a selection of loudspeakers from the installation specific xS-Series, Ramuscak evolved the solution with direct support from Juanma De Casas of d&b Spain.

In 2012, De Casas designed the d&b system that refreshed Pacha’s flagship Ibiza club. “In close collaboration with Pacha and their architects, the Dubai project was coordinated by Chadi El Masri and Amrith Verghese from Lightbox Professional, our d&b Partner in UAE,” he explained. “Amrith and I commissioned the system in November. The Lightbox team he assembled did a fantastic job working with install partner Cornerstone Technologies to achieve a perfect outcome.”

Verghese is clearly proud of their collective achievement: “When I finally switched on the system for the people from the club to walk around and listen, they were all smiles,” he concluded.