Part-time Britannia Row Training course coming next year

Britannia Row Productions Training will launch a part-time version of its Live Sound Technology course in January 2014.

The new classes, which take place on one weekday evening and one weekend day per week, will make the course available for those who work full-time or have other commitments. While the contents and learning outcomes are almost identical to the full-time course, the new curriculum will be delivered in three parts: Live Sound Fundamentals, System Engineering and Mix Engineering, allowing for holiday breaks between each module. The 13-week sections are delivered over 47 weeks, with eight holiday weeks allowing for breaks in the Spring and Summer.

“From conversations we have had with people interested in the Live Sound Technology course it became clear that we would need to provide an opportunity for those who do not wish to give up or suspend their day job during their re-training period," said Britannia Row Productions Training Matthias Postel. "This allows them to prepare for a career change towards live sound over an extended time frame.”

Those enrolling in the part-time course will also get to pay their fees in three instalments.

Participants will be taught all the skills that are required to work as a sound technician in the live sound industry. Graduates are also given support when it comes to finding work, with the best performing graduate guaranteed an initial one-year contract with Britannia Row Productions.

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