Pearl Microphones launches PML Clarity

Sweden-based Pearl Microphones has introduced the PML Clarity – a small membrane condenser microphone suitable for studio or live recording.

The new mic can be used with various kinds of instrument and as overheads for drum kits, making it ideal for capturing orchestras and choirs. Its small size is also an advantage when used on a lectern or in a radio/TV studio, the company says.

PML Clarity has a low noise transformer-less pre-amplifier and can be used with two different, newly developed, capsule heads: cardioid and omni. The Clarity can be purchased with either capsule head or both.

It also has a durable black chrome finish and comes in a shock-proof carton tube with enough room for both capsule heads. The 1820-T clip is included as well and can also be ordered with a windscreen and shock mount.

”Clarity is so much more than just a microphone, it is a statement,” said Sven Olof Andersson, chairman of Pearl Microphones. “The PML Clarity continues the simplistic tradition of Pearl with added usability. We are very proud to add yet another incredible microphone to our line-up.”

The price for the Clarity with one capsule is €400/$460; with both capsules it’s €560/$630. All prices exclude taxes and freight and are subject to change.