Peerless Mastering upgrades to SADiE 6

Based in Boston, Peerless Mastering’s Jeff Lipton has recently upgraded his SADiE software to V6 and bought a Prism Sound Lyra 2 to use with it.

"I’ve been a SADiE user since 2000 and we have a variety of different systems, including the flagship H-16,” he explains. “We decided to upgrade to SADiE 6 software so that we could use our Cedar Audio restoration tools in all of our rooms. We have three rooms, three SADiE 6 licenses, and two Cedar licenses on dongles, so we can now move Cedar to wherever we need it, which is really helpful.”

SADiE 6 is the latest chapter for Peerless. "I think it’s great," says Lipton. "It’s a super stable, amazing digital audio workstation that allows us to do our jobs very quickly. We are using it as our main DAW in all three of our rooms. We’ve just used it to help restore and master many new releases for the re-issue label Numero Group in Chicago, as well as albums for Merge Records, Jagjaguwar, and Sony."

Peerless has recently opened a new room, the C-Room, which will be used mostly by assistant engineers for quality control and restoration projects. This is equipped with a SADiE PCM-2 and the facility’s recently acquired Prism Sound Lyra 2 audio interface, which was bought to supply the main d/a converters.

"Lyra 2 allows us to have superb quality monitoring so our assistant engineers can easily identify artefacts and problems to fix with the Cedar restoration tools built into SADiE,” says Lipton. “It has beautiful converters with incredible attention to detail and comes with first-rate Prism Sound and SADiE technical support."