Peluso unveils new take on the classic U-47 microphone

American microphone maker Peluso has unveiled its latest reproduction of the classic Neumann U47.

A large diaphragm condenser mic, the Peluso P-47 SS replaces the steel vacuum tube of the maker’s previous effort – the Peluso 2247 –  with FET (field-effect transistor) technology. The aim is to provide a much lower noise floor and a cleaner sound overall. 

The microphone sports an unmistakably vintage look, styled after the famous Neumann U47.

First sold in 1949, the U47 was hugely popular for recordings made in the ‘50s and ‘60s and remains something of an icon in the microphone world.

According to the maker, the wide dynamic range of the P-47 SS is capable of capturing everything from subtle detail to the a loud kick drum. The microphone is also designed to handle transients with a quick and detailed capture, making it idea for recording guitar and vocals.

Delivering a frequency range of 20Hz-22Khz, the P-47 SS sports a classic single back plate dual-diaphragm condenser capsule. This provides a unique bell-shaped proximity effect, giving a boost to the low end that makes the microphone well suited to broadcast vocals.

When booming vocals aren’t required, this effect can be tempered by the on-board 75dB pad.

Hand-made in the US, the Peluso P-47 SS is priced at $1352/£1149/€1330 and comes as a bundle which includes a velvet bag for the mic, shock mount, hard mount, and foam wind screen all packed into a flight case.