Pet Shop Boys tour with Waves DiGiGrid

Berlin-based FOH engineer Holger Schwark has upgraded his set-up with a Waves SoundGrid Server for his latest tour with UK electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys.

"I had a set-up running software applications on my computer and switched to the Soundgrid system because it’s easier and it’s more stable. It’s brilliant, when you unplug a network cable it pops up a little alert message but it doesn’t do anything bad to the audio, it doesn’t bang, it doesn’t knock, it just goes to bypass, which is just awesome." 

The SoundGrid Server 1 is mounted in a 2U space underneath his DiGiCo console with Schwark most notably using H-Delay, SuperTap, and MondoMod on the group’s vocalist Neil Tennant. 

"H-Delay is one of the things that is very prevalent because I’m using it to add some depth to the main vocal," comments Schwark.

The delay is programmed in snapshots with customised delay times and other modulations, which allows Schwark to follow the unique sound of each song. Schwark is also using Waves MondoMod to add a bit of ‘spice’ and lo-fi quality to H-Delay. For a more straightforward rhythmic delay, Shwark relies on SuperTap.

"I have these two different styles of delays, one dirtier and more lo-fi and the SuperTap that is more clean. I have different flavours of delays and I normally blend them in the mix so they aren’t so obvious and add a subtle flavour to the vocals."

Watch the full interview below for more on how Schwark is utilising Waves DiGiGrid.