Philadelphia’s TLA opts for L-Acoustics ARCS II solution

The 1,000-capacity Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) in Philadelphia has been equipped with a new ARCS II loudspeaker system from L-Acoustics.

Installed by Manheim-based Clair Brothers Audio Systems, the new set-up includes left and right arrays, each featuring four ARCS II loudspeakers flanked by two flown SB18 subwoofers per side. For extra low-end reinforcement, four additional SB18s have been permanently fitted beneath the stage, and are complemented by two larger, portable SB28 subs for bass-heavy electronic dance music events.

A small cluster of two ARCS Focus enclosures is flown underneath the ARCS II arrays for front-fill, while two compact coaxial 5XT units can be found under the acoustically shaded bar area at house left. Three LA8 and two LA4 amplified controllers power and process the whole system.

"ARCS II’s razor-sharp directivity in the horizontal plane minimised reflections off the walls, providing maximum clarity and impact for the audience, and the center ARCS Focus arrays eliminated the need for having any front-fills on stage," said Dustin Goen, system designer and project manager for Clair Systems. "By flying everything, aside from the subs under the stage, we were able to remove all of the speakers from the deck and create more space on the dance floor. Plus, audiences on the far left and right sides of the room can now see everything on stage, whereas before the view was blocked by big PA stacks."

Rob Tauscher, TLA’s production manager and FOH engineer, added: "A lot of bands return to play our room, so I’ve talked to dozens of engineers that have now mixed on both our old and new systems, and the response is 100 per cent positive. The audio quality here at TLA has improved almost immeasurably and they’ve been overjoyed to see and hear our new PA."

"Clair and L-Acoustics really did a great job of spec’ing the right system for the space. The asymmetrical horn of the ARCS II allowed us to splay the cabinets in such a manner that coverage was maximised with very little wasted energy, and the center hang of ARCS Focus more than does the trick of covering the pit. I’ve found the ARCS Series systems to be very efficient and robust, and, combined with the flown SB18 subs, our PA acts like a three-way system plus auxiliary sub."

The entire install and commissioning process was carried out in just three days.

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