Pink Floyd tribute show The Brit Floyd Experience looks to ESS

Earlier this year Pink Floyd tribute show The Brit Floyd Experience took to the road with a Turbosound rig of Aspect and Flex Array loudspeakers supplied by Mansfield-based company ESS.

The audio system put together by ESS for the majority of venues is based on a 48-box Aspect rig, supplemented at times with Flex Array sub-rented in from colleague Turbosound stockist companies. “Normally we’re flying 24 Aspect TA-890H three-way mid/highs on three-wide bars with 19 TA-890L double 15" cabinets, and eight TSW-218 double 18" subs on the floor,” said ESS’s Phil McDaniel. TQ-445s are brought in as front fills and side hangs where required, depending on the venue.

“We kicked off at the Royal Albert Hall earlier in the year, which was an absolutely stunning show," continued McDaniel. For this show the PA was configured as a mono source with three hangs each of 12 TFA-600H Flex Array mid/highs, and a further hang of 15 Aspect TA-890L double 15" bass in the centre, and eight ground stacked TSW-218 subs in a single block.

ESS is also busy with a multitude of other projects, including a series of theatre shows with Steve Earle and then Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa, both with a six-a-side Flex Array rig, while the Max Boyce comedy tour utilised the company’s TQ-440 theatre rig.