Pinna Acoustics installs PMC MB2S speakers in new mastering facility, Artone Studio

Pinna Acoustics, a Dutch company that specialises in acoustic engineering and studio design, recently installed PMC MB2S speakers in a new mastering facility, Artone Studio at Record Industry, one of the world’s largest vinyl pressing plants.

Headed by Jelle Van der Voet, Pinna Acoustics was commissioned to design and build the new studio, which houses three vintage cutting machines. Pinna Acoustics also built a live room that is linked to the studio so that performances could be cut directly onto the master, ready to press on vinyl.

Van der Voet said: “We are very proud of this studio because it sounds fantastic. Our flushmount studio designs are well known for their incredible low frequency detail, massive sound image, and a sweet spot as large as the room itself. 

"Although we work with all speaker manufacturers, we do tend to install a lot of PMC speakers, especially the larger models, because they deliver the sonic performance our clients are looking for. Our philosophy is to have speakers and acoustics working together to give the best possible sound reproduction. Both elements must perform top notch to create an impressive sounding studio.”