Pioneer DJ introduces 30-day audition offer for RM monitors

Pioneer DJ has announced a new 30-day audition promotion for its new RM Series coaxial active reference monitor speakers.

The deal allows those considering whether to purchase some new RM-05 or RM-07 monitors to try out a pair in an environment they’re used to with the option to return them later if the speakers are not a suitable fit for their studio.

To take part in the promotion, users are simply required to buy a set from a participating store, take them home and set them up in their studio, and if they decide that the speakers are not right for them, bring them back to the store with the receipt and original payment card within 30 days for a full refund.

The RM-05 (RRP €549) and RM-07 (€729) speakers promise a high SPL and a neutral sound with clear separation across the frequencies, suitable for near-field studio monitoring of high-res sounds. The RM Series’ uses a coaxial driver unit from Pioneer pro-audio brand TAD, placing the woofer and the tweeter on the same axis to ensure a truer response across the frequencies.

The aramid fibre woofers and front-loaded bass reflex system with grooved ducts promise a clean bass, while the aluminium hard domed tweeter is designed for delivery of frequencies of up to 50 kHz. The rigid die-cast aluminium cabinets are engineered for a high-quality aesthetic and sound, featuring curved contours to eliminate resonance and a proprietary acoustic tube utilising Pioneer’s AFAST technology to reduce standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges. The speakers also feature a three-band EQ and multiple inputs.

Stephen Bennett reviewed the RM-07 monitors for Audio Media International in our April 2016 issue. To find out what Bennett thought of the speakers, click here.

For more information on the offer, including participating stores, head over to the Pioneer DJ website.