Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS picked for IMS 2016 in Ibiza

This year saw Pioneer Professional Audio’s new XPRS series of active speakers selected as the official conference PA system for the International Music Summit (IMS) 2016, which recently took place in Ibiza and attracted key dance music industry personnel.

Central to the three-day event are conferences and discussions which take place on stage in front of large audiences of delegates from around the world.

The company said the combination of Pioneer Pro Audio and Powersoft systems at IMS displayed all the necessary power and punch for music playback as well as the “natural clear, clean sound” required for speech reinforcement in presentations and discussions.

The XPRS Series comprises the XPRS-15 and XPRS-12 two-way full range speakers and the XPRS-215s dual 15-inch Quasi-bandbass subwoofer. The full range active speakers with their four EQ pre-sets allow for a multitude of applications, from PA clear of voice to mobile DJ’ing with full range of high to low frequencies. Both the XPRS-15 and 12 speakers can be pole-mounted with a 0 and 7-degree tilt or wedged on the floor for use as feedback monitors thanks to a 60/90 degree rotatable horn.

Simeon Friend of event management company The Shop Ibiza, commented: “XPRS was the perfect fit for IMS. It was able to meet all the demands of the application with plenty to spare and I can see a very successful future for this really versatile range. It was quick and easy to set up and delivered a crisp, powerful sound throughout."