Pioneer unveils HRM-7 pro studio monitor headphones

Pioneer has introduced its new HRM-7 monitor headphones – professional studio tools designed to deliver accurate, neutral sound to dance music producers.

The HMR-7 features a newly developed 40mm HD driver unit with copper-clad aluminium wire, designed to produce neutral, high-res sound up to 40 kHz and enhance bass response thanks to dual airflow chambers with a three-layer damping structure to eliminate unwanted resonance for cleaner low to mid frequencies.

The fully enclosed ear housings offer a large space around the ear, providing optimum sound isolation, but are roomy enough inside to enable a wide sound stage and clear audio separation, as well as reduce ambient noise.

The model also features large ear pads made from hybrid memory foam created for maximum comfort while maintaining prime airflow for accurate monitoring. A freely adjustable headband and velour covers were chosen to ensure the HRM-7 is easy to wear over long studio sessions without jeopardising sound quality.

Finally, the HRM-7 package includes a detachable 1.2m coiled cable, 3m straight cable, replacement velour ear pads and a gold plated 6.3mm stereo jack.