PLASA 2011: QSC adds to House of K

QSC has added the KLA Series active line array system to its House of K range at PLASA 2011.

KLA represents the most recent addition to the company’s active loudspeaker range, joining the K and KW series. With similar user interfaces and performance traits throughout the range, the K Family models are designed to be configurable for use in a range of applications for installed sound, as well as rental and portable PA.

“With the House of K line, system integrators, designers and installers have an incredible arsenal of tools that they can utilise to meet the requirements of contemporary sound applications,” said Ray van Straten, QSC Marketing communications manager. “Since their introduction, the K Family of products has continually exceeded our customers’ expectations in terms of sonic performance, ease of deployment, reliability, and versatility. They have become the go-to solution over and over again. Now, with the addition of the KLA line array to the family, the House of K offers an unbeatable solution for an even larger range of venues. We’re very excited about the product and what it represents to our customers.” 

The KLA Series is available in both black and white and is comprised of two models; the KLA12 a 12-inch, two-way, line array element and the KLA181, an 18-inch direct radiating subwoofer. The KLA12 is an 18-degree fixed-arcuate line array element allowing installers to create a 90 X 90 degree array using five KLA12 enclosures. Unique to the KLA Series is the Ar-Q (Arcuate Equalisation) tuning and configuration feature and the SOLO (Single Operator Logistics) rigging system. Ar-Q is aimed at allowing the user to apply the correct equalisation and other processing elements for a given array size by turning a dial at the rear of the line array element.

The SOLO rigging system is designed to allow a KLA system to be deployed with optimum speed without the use of special tools or rigging hardware.

K Family Application Guides for Installed Sound as well as Rental Sound can be found online at the QSC website.