PLASA 2015: CADAC debuts latest CDC console update

CADAC is showing the CDC eight and new CDC six digital sound production consoles at this year’s PLASA show, shown for the first time with the latest software update.

The latest update provides signal clocking enhancements designed to further improve sonic performance, resulting in “a definite noticeable improvement on sound quality” according to the manufacturer.

The company is exhibiting a total of three CDC six consoles, along with a CDC eight-32 and a CDC eight-16 console at booth L30. These are networked and running audio via the CDC MC Router and MegaCOMMS audio network, demonstrating the sub 400μs system latency (from on-stage inputs to outputs – including all console processing and all AD/DA conversions).

CADAC claims its micro second latency is married with ‘absolute phase coherence’, resulting from complete sample synchronisation before summing. According to the manufacturer, this provides exemplary audio performance in a digital audio network, capable of transmitting up to 3072 channels of bi-directional 24-bit/96kHz audio, control data and clock, on up to 150 metres of RG6 cable.

CADAC’s CDC MC MADI and CDC MC Dante network bridges will also be running on the network, and the integrated Waves soundcard on a CDC six will be running Waves MultiRack SoundGrid server, which enables up to 64 channels of Waves studio-grade plug-ins to simultaneously run alongside the native effects options (on both the CDC six and CDC eight), with the Waves GUI displayed on the console’s touch screen for control.

CADAC is also showing the LIVE1 compact analogue and CDC four:m compact digital consoles on its booth.