PLASA Focus: Leeds 2012: HK Audio to unveil Linear 5 line

German pro audio company HK Audio has announced that its new Linear 5 series of loudspeaker cabinets will be unveiled in the UK at the PLASA Focus: Leeds 2012 show, which takes place from April 17th-18th at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Eire by John Hornby Skewes (JHS) and manufactured in Germany, the Linear 5 line is designed to provide ideal solutions for musicians and DJs, as well as discriminating hire companies.

Each model in the new line come with birch housing and is intended to provide optimum durability and superior acoustics.

Five powered Linear 5 models are available now (with passive counterparts to follow):

L5112FA (UK RRP £899.00)
This 12"/1" fullrange top delivers the most powerful bass performance in its class. Equipped with a switchable EQ, it can be deployed as a stand-alone cab, in stereo pairs, and as a satellite paired with a Linear 5 subwoofer.

L5112XA (UK RRP £899.00)
Engineered to deliver high sound pressure levels (135 dB MAX SPL peak), this 12"/1" model also sports a switchable filter. Its can be used in combination with the Linear Sub 2000 A, and also serves as a monitor with plenty of gain before feedback, with the rotatable 60° x 40° CD horn providing coverage and directivity.

L5115FA (UK RRP £959.00)
This powered 15" full range top delivers 1,000 watts as a stand-alone cabinet, making it the loudest reference speaker in its class. Like the L5 FA 112, it features an asymmetrical horn with an optimised coverage pattern that is wider up front and grows more directed with distance, thereby achieving greater range.

LSub1200A (UK RRP £999.00)
Housed in a bass reflex enclosure, this sub is ideal for band PAs. Loaded with two 10" woofers and a 1,200 watt, Class-D power amp, it can also drive a connected passive L5 210 Sub.

LSub2000A (UK RRP £1,299.00)
A 1,200-watt powered subwoofer in a bandpass housing (sixth-order double bandpass), this unit features a 2.5" voice coil with advanced cooling technology and a dual spider suspension that keeps it centered for precise tracking.

The Linear 5 range is also designed to provide optimum versatility, with just two L5 212Fas needed to set up a full-fledged, full range stereo system. Two stackable subwoofer models are available for applications demanding lower-ranging bass response, and the tops can also serve as delay line monitors (the XA model) and as speakers for decentralised sound reinforcement systems.

Linear 5 will be available in the UK from mid-April 2012, and will receive its exclusive unveiling at the PLASA Focus show in Leeds on 17th April 2012 at the JHS Booth at S-C12.

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