PL+S 2011: Alcons kits out 3D Live In Concert area

Alcons Audio has secured the audio system at the 3D Live in Concert experience at Prolight + Sound 2011.

Located on stand L28, Hall 8.0, 3D Live In Concert will demonstrate the application of three-dimensional video technology as used in mainstream cinemas, which has now began infiltrating the broadcast of live sport and music events.

3D Live In Concert is a collaborative effort between five companies – Alcons Audio (sound), Event Acoustics and All Areas (room and acoustics), DVS (playback, server and 3D content) and Infitec (projection and 3D glasses). A 3D live recording of German hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four) will be shown.

The 5.1 Alcons system will feature a front arrangement of three LR7 pro-ribbon micro line-arrays and one LR7B bass driver (mixed LCR), eight surround clusters of two LR7 each, plus two of Alcons brand new BC543 subs. The system is powered and controlled by ALC4 and ALC6 units, fitted with DDP processors. The audio signal will come from a playback server in AES/EBU format, mixed via a digital console and input to the system via studio-grade D/A converters.

The represented companies will make daily presentations in the area. Alcons co-founder Tom Back’s sesssions will discuss how the company’s pro-ribbon transducer technology contributes significantly to the imaging of 3D content, making it possible to deliver the best and most lifelike experience to the audiences of 3D shows. Back’s sessions take place at 11am on the 6th April, noon on the 7th, 1pm on the 8th and 10am on the 9th.

“The room will be acoustically perfect, so it will be an awesome experience,” said Back. “We look forward to showing Prolight + Sound 2011 visitors how good the experience of a concert in 3D sound and vision can be.”

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