PL+S 2012: Dugan-MY16 makes European debut at ProLight+Sound 2012

Yamaha have provided the Dugan-MY16 interface card with its European debut at the ProLight+Sound 2012 event in Frankfurt today (March 21st).

The Dugan-MY16 is an automated mic mixing solution which was developed in partnership with Dan Dugan Sound Design. The card is fully compatible with all of Yamaha’s digital consoles (including the new Yamaha CL series consoles revealed earlier today) and processors.

According to Yamaha, the Dugan-MY16 is ideal for broadcast, corporate AV, house of worship and other sound reinforcement applications.

Dan Dugan—who invented the automated microphone mixer—has many of his products widely used across the industry and as such Yamaha were absolutely delighted to develop the Dugan-MY16 with Dugan.

“Dan Dugan Sound Design products are highly respected within our industry and the Dugan-MY16 card was designed in response to an overwhelming demand from our customers,” explained Yamaha Commercial Audio System’s European Marketing Director, Nick Cook.

The Dugan-MY16 is able to handle up to 64 live mics and allows for smooth transitions between speakers. This ensures that there is a consistent system gain regardless of how many mics are open. What is more, it can be remotely controlled and multiple Dugan_MY16 cards can be linked for uses in larger systems. They can also link with all other DSP-based Dugan auto mixer products.

The Dugan-MY16 is the first time that this control has been made available to Yamaha digital mixers.

“Many of my customers use Yamaha mixers,” added Dugan. “They have been asking me for an MY-card version of my automatic mixing controller for years and I’m very pleased to satisfy that need.”

It provides users with up to 16 channels of automatic mic mixing per card at 48kHz. Alternatively, it can be used at 96kHz with eight channels of automated mixing.

The Dugan-MY16 can be patched into input channels using the console’s set up screen. Channels can then be partitioned into as many as three independent auto mixers. An internal web server provides a full virtual remote control panel over a local network.

The Dugan-MY16 will retail at an RRP/SRP of €2,600, exc. VAT. It will be available from early summer 2012.