PL+S 2012: HARMAN’s JBL expand VTX Line Array series with subwoofers

HARMAN’s JBL Professional has expanded its VTX line array series at ProLight+Sound 2012 with the addition of two new subwoofers: the VTX S28 and VTX G28.

The VTX next generation line array system was first introduced in January at the Winter NAMM trade event.

“In January, JBL introduced the first product in the VTX Series—the V25—and the new S28 and G28 subwoofers provide system technicians with a wealth of configuration options and unprecedented performance,” explained JBL Professional’s Senior Manager, Tour Sound, Paul Bauman. “These new models truly represent a breakthrough in subwoofer design.”

The VTX S28 and VTX G28 are both dual 18-inch subwoofers. Each uses two 2269H 18 inch transducers which feature Differential Drive technology with two voice coils. They also include two neodymium magnets and extremely high peak-to-peak excursion capabilities. This allows the VTX S28 and VTX G28 to provide top notch extended low-frequency performance.

The JBL VTX S28 can be suspended or ground stacked. It is also cardioid-arrayable in eithr configuration which provides improved rear rejection. The S28 can be suspended using the VTX V25 suspension and can be placed at the top of V25 arrays. This would allow the system to extend the effective low-frequency line length,. This would provide improved vertical pattern control combined with an improved rear rejection when used in cardioid mode.

Alternatively, the VTX S28 arrays—cardioid or front firing—can be suspended beside or behind VTX V25 arrays.

Similarly, for theatrical sound design, the S28 can be suspended in the middle of flown V25 arrays. This would facilitate balcony and floor coverage by allowing for improve under balcony penetration.

Larger cardioid configurations are also effective when the VTX S28’s are suspended or ground stacker in multiple cardioid blocks (each block consisting of three enclosures).

In contrast, the VTX G28 is ground stackable only. However, it has a practical form factor which allows for convenient stacking and additional enclosure volume. It also includes port tuning that delivers true sub performance down to 22Hz at -10dB.

As with all products from JBL Professional’s stable, the VTX subs have been comprehensively tested.

Unqiuely, as part of the design process JBL power tests the subs in which each component and system is presented with 100 hours of continuous, high-level input. This ensures that the tech produces extraordinary sound even after years of hard use and thousands of hours of performance.

Also in common with the rest of the VTX series, the S28 and G28 feature Crown Audio VRack DSP amplification. VRack provides the subwoofers with a rugged touring rack which is fitted with three Crown I-Tech HD series power amplifiers, power input panels and custom-engineered I/O panels. This is available in two configurations: VRack 12000 and VRack 4 x 3500 are loaded with three IT 12000HD and three IT 4 x 3500HD amplifiers, respectively.