PL+S 2012: JoeCo release new Dante-enabled BlackBox recorder

Cambridge-based pro audio manufacturer, JoeCo, have announced the latest product in their BlackBox range of multi-channel live audio recorders and players at this year’s ProLight+Sound event in Frankfurt.

The BlackBox BBR64-DANTE recorder—which can record or replay 64 channels—is a result of the collaboration between JoeCo and the creators of the Dante digital media networking solution, Audinate.

“We are delighted to be showing the new 64-channel BBR64-DANTE Recorder at Frankfurt, explained JoeCo Managing Director, Joe Bull. “Having successfully launched the 64-channel MADI product last year, we have been able to incorporate much of that core technology to create the BBR64-DANTE – it’s a completely different machine internally. Continuing support from our friends at Audinate has made this possible in a remarkably short time.”

The BlackBox BBR64-DANTE comes after the success of the original BBR-DANTE system which was released back in 2011. The original BBR-DANTE was able to handle 32 channels of record/reply from a Dante network. The new model has managed to double channel handling capacities of the tech.

“The BBR64-DANTE Recorder provides a high channel recording solution for 64 channels of networked audio,” added Audinate’s Director of Sales, Dave Anderson. “The BBR64-DANTE Recorder can interoperate directly with all Dante products on the network using standard off the shelf network switches, eliminating the need for expensive audio routers.”

So has it doubled in physical size to help accommodate this expansion? Far from it. Despite doubling the track count the BlackBox BBR64-DANTE still only occupies a single rack space.

Thanks to the inclusion of Audinate’s Dante tech, the BBR64-DANTE is now able to network to a wide variety of console and converter manufacturers with ease.

What is more—in addition to being able to record 64 channels at standard sample rates—the BBR64-DANTE is also ble to record 8 channels of analogue alongside 56 channels of Dante for capturing the audience and ambience.

Equally, the BBR64-DANTE is also able to handle higher rates of sample recording—88.2kHz and 96kHz—with a reduced track count.

As with previous BlackBox recorders, audio is recorded in Broadcast WAV format. This can be recorded to an external USB pen/flash drive (has to be FAT32 formatted) and can e instantly imported to any PC or Mac based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for repurposing.

In addition, the BBR64-DANTE also includes other useful BlackBox features from previous models in the range. It continues to provide all the BlackBox safety features—such as “Safe ‘n’ Sound Record Recovery”—and is also able to provide high-resolution metering and headphone monitoring of individual/pairs of channels via internal PFL bus.

Using Dante, the BBR64-DANTE is able to connect to a digital audio network with ease. Audinate develops networks which can transport high-quality media over standard IT networks. As such, Dante provide users with a no-hassle, self-configuring, plug-and-play solution which uses standard internet protocols. What is more, it is also future proof as it provides a migration path to upgrade to new standards such as the IEEE Audio Video Bridging (“AVB”).

You can find JoeCo at the ProLight+Sound event in Hall 8.0, Stand G22.