PL+S 2012: Lake unveil Smaart 7 integration with Lake Controller v.6

API catch up with Lake’s Josh Evans in a video interview after Lake release the most recent version of its Lake Controller software—version 6—with the much-anticipated Smaart 7 integration at this year’s ProLight+Sound event.

As well as now being able to integrate the multi-platform RTA software the new version also includes support for Yamaha MY8-LAKE card.

Lake has announced that it is “a critical leap forward in the development of the ubiquitous live sound processing environment.” With the new additions it is certainly hard to disagree.

What is more, Lake Controller v.6 also provides users with new functionality and a who;le raft of further improvements—all of which are being actively demonstrated on Lake’s stand at ProLight+Sound (Hall 8.0, Stand E80).

The latest incarnation of Lake Controller also includes some very important—if relatively humdrum—enhancements such as Windows 7 optimisation and improved performance for large system networks.

However, the most striking headline improvement for users is the arrival of integration potential of Lake Controller programme with the market-leading acoustical spectrum analysis software. Version 6 now supports full integration with both Smaart 7 and WaveCapture’s LiveCapture.

This new plug-in support provides the user with the ability to display measurement traces from either platform to be shown directly within Lake Controller. This new functionality will allow users to configure and tune a system accordingly. What is best, this can be done in real time!

This new integration has been much anticipated by the Lake Controller user community. Certainly, support for WaveCapture’s suite of tools has been available to users before—it became available in Version 5—however, this support has been expanded.

LiveCapture users are now able to transfer and define filters directly with any networkerd Lake device. Furthermore, with LiveCapture Pro, several measurements can now be captured and averaged with a defined target response. This allows the optimizer to find ideal placements of filters with which to achieve that target.

The WaveCapture program can then transfer theses filter parameters to the desired module or group overlay on the Lake devices. For example, Live-Capture Pro can find optimal EQ-parameters to voice a sound reinforcement system towards a target response. The Room-mode analyzer is integrated with the optimizer and can generate filters to cure room resonances.

In addition, the forthcoming Yamaha MY8-LAKE card will also be supported. This brings Lake processing to Yamaha massive line of digital audio mixing desks and will help Lake further enhance its position in the market as a standard of live sound processing.

Audio Pro International Editor, Daniel Gumble, was on hand at PL+S to talk to Lake’s Josh Evans about the new version of Lake Controller.

Watch the video of the interview below to find out more including the incorporation of Dante into the new version.

Josh Evans—who is a member of Lake’s AET (Applications, Engineering & Training) group—is on hand to present daily seminars on these latest developments with Lake Controller as well as PLM Series and LM Series hardware functionality.