PL+S 2012: Yamaha announce updated StageMix iPad app and more

Yamaha has announced the new version 3 of its popular StageMix iPad app as well as an updated version of its File Converter software at ProLight+Sound 2012.

The new version of the StageMix app coincides with the announcement of Yamaha’s new CL series of digital consoles. StageMix—which was first introduced in 2010—is now compatible with the new CL series after it has proved immensely popular with users of the Yamaha M7CL and LS9 digital consoles. The StageMix app makes the lives of monitor engineers, sound designers and system technicians much easier—for example, one of our pro audio Rising Stars, Adam Hockley, used it with his Yamaha LS9—due to its array of controls and displays.

The new version of the StageMix app—as well as continuing to support the M7Cl and LS9—includes a wide array of powerful new features which are being made available to users of the CL series.

Some of the headline features include DCA Faders (for M7CL and CL only), Mute Group Masters, Channel Naming, Channel Pan, Send Levels in Meter Bridge, Tap Tempo, Edit Mixer Setting (e.g., IP and MAC Addresses), Bank Navigation in Long Faders mode, Selectable Input and Output Meter Positions, EQ Type I / II button in EQ screen, and HPF ON button always available in EQ screen.

Importantly for users, the new StageMix and Yamaha’s CL Editor software—which replaces Studio Manager for the CL series—can be run simultaneously.

Not enough Yamaha software news for you? No worries, Yamaha have also announced that they are to enhance their File Converter software.

File Converter has now been upgraded to become a quad-directional version. In other words, users can now easily exchange console files directly between the CL series, PM5D, M7CL and LS9 digital consoles.

According to Yamaha, File Converter is a wonderfully flexible tool for rental companies as they are able to transfer mix data created on the original console to an alternative console with great ease.

StageMix v3 and File Converter will be available from April 2012. Both will continue to be available free of charge. StageMix will be able to be downloaded via Apple’s iTunes Store. File Converter will be available via Yamaha Commercial Audio’s website.

In lieu—currently at least—of a video of StageMix v3 in action, below is a video of the current version of the StageMix iPad app (v2.0.2) being used with a Yamaha M7CL digital console: