PL+S 2014: Cadac debuts upgraded CDC four

Cadac is introducing a new version of its CDC four console – the CDC fourm  – and the M16, a 3U mic pre / MADI box, this week.

The 6 x 4 matrix in the CDC fourm includes a 31-band graphic EQ, compressor/limiter and delay on all four channels, as well as a 31-band graphic EQ on all Aux sends.

“The upgrade is in direct response to customer feedback, making the console more appropriately spec’d for use in small theatres and for corporate AV and smaller event applications,” said Cadac’s brand development manager, Richard Ferriday.

Equipped with 16 fully motorised channel faders, high-res TFT colour display and fully recallable scene memory, the compact digital console is "a powerful production package," Cadac says. It also features specially developed ultra-low distortion EQ filters, true analogue sounding compressors, 96 kHz 24-bit Delta Sigma AD/DA converters and fourth generation 32/40-bit floating point SHARC processors. It is rack-mountable, too, making it suitable for situations where 56 channels in 14U of rack space are required.

The CDC fourm is designed to perform equally well in recording applications as it does in live sound settings. Multitrack recording is achieved via an optional MC MADI interface, while input channels can be increased for live applications through the optional MegaCOMMS stagebox, which provides an extra 32 inputs and the 16 outputs up to 150 metres away on stage.

The M16, meanwhile, has been engineered to deliver "exceptional fidelity and reliability."

Offering 16 classic Cadac mic amplifiers in a compact 19-inch 3U package, it has an integrated three-way active split per channel with a combined MADI port. This makes the unit ideal for live, broadcast, recording, and numerous other applications; the integrated MADI interface also allows third party digital consoles to easily upgrade their inputs with the definitive Cadac pre-amp.

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