PL+S 2017: AKG delivers new studio headphone solutions

Harman brand AKG has revealed its new foldable studio headphones line at Prolight + Sound 2017, designed for content creators ‘who need superb accuracy at an accessible price point.’

The K275, K245 and K175 headphones combine AKG audio performance with robust build quality and superior comfort for long listening sessions.

The K275 and K245 models feature 50mm transducers that provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. K175 utilises an on-ear design with 40mm transducers. With what the company describes as ‘best-in-class’ sensitivity and low impedance, the headphones deliver maximum output before distortion, even when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices.

K275, K245 and K175 are the first headphones to offer a foldable design with a three-axis hinge and self-adjusting headband, allowing them to fit into tight spaces such as travel bags, while also protecting the structural parts from damage. Slow retention foam ear pads provide a comfortable, secure fit that ensures optimal bass extension and prevents sound leakage.

The K275 and K175 models feature a closed-back design for live recording and monitoring, while K245 features a semi-open design that is well-suited for editing and mixing.

The AKG foldable studio headphones line is expected to be available in July 2017, with pricing as follows:

•K275 closed-back over-ear headphones: $211 (MSRP)

•K245 semi-open over-ear headphones: $186 (MSRP)

•K175 closed-back on-ear headphones: $161 (MSRP)