PL+S 2019: L-Acoustics unveils new ARCS family of scalable rental solutions

L-Acoustics has launched its new ARCS product range at Prolight + Sound 2019 in Frankfurt.

The ARCS family comprises four constant curvature enclosures – A15 Focus, A15 Wide, A10 Focus, A10 Wide – and a dedicated subwoofer, KS21. ARCS enclosures offer flexible coverage options, achieving a throw of up to 45 meters and a maximum output of 144 dB.

Mounted on a pole, stacked, or flown in a vertical or horizontal line source array, the new ARCS family comprises modular, plug-and-play ease and international market acceptance.

The A15 and A10 systems are designed to scale to events large and small, from weddings and galas, to the main system for a corporate event, theatre, or mid-size festival stage with KS21 extending low frequency bandwidth to 30 Hz. At large events, ARCS can be used as an effective fill or delay solution as a complement to larger K1 and K2 systems.

The plug-and-play simplicity of A15 and A10 Focus and Wide extends to amplification. The enclosures were designed with LA4X capabilities and 1-to-1 ratios in mind. Each LA4X amplification channel pairs with one A15, one A10, or one KS21. The 1-to-1 ratio extends to A15 and KS21, where one sub is recommended for each A15 enclosure. For A10, the recommended loudspeaker-to-sub ratio is 2-to-1. For further flexibility, ARCS also functions with LA12X amplified controllers.

“The flexibility that can be achieved with this new generation of ARCS is unprecedented,” said Germain Simon, L-Acoustics product manager. “The mounting, stacking, and rigging options, combined with user configurable L-Fins to adjust waveguide directivity, gives users a plethora of permutations to work with. For example, with only two ARCS elements, you can easily achieve 15 different coverage patterns.

“We see the new ARCS line of products as the perfect way to welcome providers into the L-Acoustics rental network,” Simon added. “The versatility and scalability of ARCS is really a ‘choose your own adventure’ scenario that only leads to happy endings. We look forward to seeing new customers approach the live events market in creative ways that allow them to capitalise upon their initial investment quickly and take their rental business to the next level.”

L-Acoustics can be found in Hall 8.0 on booth H85 at Prolight + Sound 2019.