Plugin Alliance LLC announce bx_rockrack PRO

Plugin Alliance has announced the new bx_rockrack PRO, a device that improves upon the bx_rockrack PRO through a range of additions and enhancements.

The original bx_rockrack was a successful plug-in that included few amp heads and the complete recording chains of Brainworx in Germany and The Mix Room in California.

The bx_rockrack PRO now features seven amps including two new jazz iterations designed to expand the reach of the device to other musical tastes.

The amps have been created to sound like classic models including the Clean Marshall JCM800, the Lead Marshall JCM800, the Clean ENGL 530, the Lead ENGL 530, the Clean American Jazz Amp, the Crunchy American Jazz Amp and the MesaBoogie Rectoverb.

Other changes include an option to bypass complete recording chains for those users looking to use alternative speaker simulator plug-ins as well as a vastly improved sound gate.

Consumers wanting to play live using the bx_rockrack PRO can now also route a computer output to a guitar power amp and speaker combination.

Those who missed out on the bx_rockrack amp simulator in June need not worry as parent company Brainworx has combined both the original and its enhanced version into a single product and existing users are automatically eligible for a free upgrade.

The price remains unchanged for new buyers at $249.00.