Plusdrums remote drum session service launches

Launched by former Tech Music School students and father and son team Nick and Rob Baker, Plusdrums is a bespoke drum recording service that provides artists, singer/songwriters, producers, and record labels with live drum tracks for their songs without the cost associated with hiring a session drummer and getting studio time.

“With the advances in technology, a lot of session musicians now have the luxury of working remotely” comments Rob Baker, who, along with his father came up with the idea of Plusdrums.

“It’s common to see collaborations taking place between 2 parties from other sides of the globe and that’s where we see Plusdrums in the long term. Our focus is very much on maintaining clear and open communication channels with our clients, so we can deliver the highest quality bespoke drum tracks in the quickest time no matter where they are based.”

Users upload their track along with a drumming brief and the Plusdrums team records digital multi-track files that can be downloaded once the client is happy. The audio files can be dropped in, mixed, and edited and are 100 percent royalty free.