PMC joins Auro Technologies for live demo at pre-Grammys event

PMC helped kick off 2015’s Grammy week with the US Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing, sponsoring their annual party at The Village Studios in Los Angeles for over 500 industry VIPs. 

PMC took the opportunity to present a joint presentation with Auro Technologies. Five PMC twotwo.8 monitors, four twotwo.6 monitors and a twotwo.sub2 active subwoofer were positioned around The Village Studio’s Studio A live room in an Auro 9.1 configuration to create the Auro-3D effect of an enveloping cocoon of sound. The flagship AV processor Auro-3D Mensa was on hand to create ‘the best possible immersive sonic experience’. 

"It was an exceptionally well received demonstration," said PMC’s US president of Sales and Marketing, Maurice Patist. "Many of the producers at the party are PMC users and have our loudspeakers in their own private facilities, so they were already aware of the audio accuracy and detail our products deliver. But the combination of PMC and Auro-3D really blew them away and even though there were other 3D sound demonstrations taking place that night, people kept coming back for another listen because they were so impressed."

"It gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our technology to some of the most influential producers and engineers in the USA," he continued. "As a result we have established a very strong network of PMC users, including producer Justin Hergett who was nominated for a Grammy for his work with Beyonce; engineer Dave Schiffman, who won a Grammy for his work with Vampire Weekend and artist/engineer David Miles Huber who has been nominated for a Grammy numerous times."

The US Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing comprises more than 5,500 producers, engineers, remixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related music recording industry professionals, providing a vehicle to address critical issues affecting the art and craft of recorded music.