PMC opens two new demo facilities in the US

Loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has opened new demo studios on the East and West Coasts of the USA with a view to giving recording professionals the opportunity to hear the power of its full monitor range.

Located in Highland Park, Los Angeles and Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, the demo studios will act as community centres and creative hubs for artists, music makers and recording professionals.

PMC NYC is headed by the company’s New York sales manager Luke Smith, a successful musician, producer and engineer who joined PMC last year. Artist’s relations manager ‘Spider’ Ron Entwistle presides over PMC LA, which boasts a 22-channel Dolby Atmos system.

Maurice Patist, president PMC USA, said: “These are not commercial facilities as their primary function is to privately demo the entire PMC product line. However we will be encouraging Los Angeles and New York-based music production clients and other members of the PMC family to use them.”

“The full Dolby Atmos set up in our LA studio reflects our strategic partnership with Dolby and Universal Music Group, bringing the Atmos immersive format closer to the music production market,” he added. “The studio exists of an LCR of MB3-XBD-A monitoring, twotwoSub.2 for LFE channels and a selection of our Wafer on-wall monitors for all the surround and height channels, similar to the systems already installed at Capitol Studios.”

In New York, the 1,000 square foot facility has been transformed into two stereo mixing studios, one of which is equipped with PMC’s MB3 XBD-A main monitors and the other with IB1S-A monitors. In addition, a full range of PMC nearfield monitors is on hand for customers to try.

PMC LA will be formally opened on May 29th 2019 and PMC NY on June 20th 2019. For more information please visit