PMC result6 Monitors chosen for new studio at Nottingham technology college

A new campus at a music technology college in Nottingham, England, is equipping six project rooms with PMC result6 compact nearfield reference monitors.

The Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies has also purchased a pair of PMC 226 monitors for its Studio 2 control room.

The college is currently building a new home for music and live events in the city centre and plans to have the building completed by the end of 2018.

Designed by White Mark Ltd, the Marco Island site on Huntingdon Street will be an education hub and will incorporate three music studios, rehearsal rooms, sound recording and editing suites, social spaces and a 300-capacity auditorium.

Joe Duckhouse, chief technology officer at Confetti, said: “We tested PMC’s new result6 speakers against a number of competitor brands and were very impressed by their power and presence. Their compact size and ability to cope with music from a wide range of genres was a key factor in our choice, but what really convinced us was PMC’s proprietary ATL technology that allows these small speakers to deliver a level of quality that one would normally expect from a much more expensive product.”

“By having larger PMC monitors available, we can give students the opportunity to move between project rooms to studio 2 without losing that PMC sound,” Duckhouse added.

“All our studios are multipurpose and interconnected to encourage students to move from one room to another. The simplicity of the result6 monitors helps with this because there are no overly complex DSP-based user options or room profiles to deal with. This means that less experienced students can also use the project rooms with ease and enjoy the benefits of professional quality monitoring.”

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