Poland’s Wiktorów Studio opens with PMC speakers

A new recording facility near the Kampinos National Park in Poland, Wiktorów Studio, has installed PMC IB2S monitors in its main control room.

Based in the small village of Wiktorów, the studio has attracted a wide variety of projects from traditional music recording to video game sound design, voiceover recording and post production for movies since opening its doors three months ago.

Studio owner Jacek Kopanski and producer/engineer Patrick Multan built the facility from scratch and could therefore specify exactly what they wanted in terms of equipment and acoustics.

“Our control room was always planned as a top end facility, so everything in the chain had to be of the best quality,” said Multan. “This includes the electrics and wiring, the converters, the amps and the speakers.”

With help from Robert Fijalkowski, head of Polish distributor MJ Audio Lab, Kopanski and Multan demoed a variety of speaker systems before choosing the PMC IB2S monitors.

“We chose them because they had the power and clarity we needed,” Multan added. “These speakers sound just how we want them to sound – very clear at the bottom end, even without a subwoofer, and very precise in the mid-range. They are also easy to listen to and not at all tiring – to the extent that I sometimes stay mixing for much longer than I had planned. I can also do so much more because I can hear all the little tweaks. The more I mix with them, the more confident I feel.”

MJ Audio Lab’s Robert Fijalkowski also assisted with the acoustic measurement of the control room, supplying Vicoustic panels to ensure high-quality sound. Since opening, Wiktorów Studios has put its IB2S system through its paces on many different projects.

Multan concluded: “Our PMCs are used as the main control room monitors. We use them for everything including tracking, mixing, post production and sound design, but sometimes we just relax and listen to some good records.”