Power Station NE preps for relaunch with historic gear grab

Power Station New England has commissioned an historic Neve 8068 MkII and an SSL 4064G+ console as part of a massive expansion, in preparation for an upcoming re-opening.

The facility’s main recording space features a signature 35-foot dome, plus four isolation spaces and the historic control room A, which now features the vintage Neve, while an entirely new Studio B mix room features the SSL.

Power Station NE – founded in 1995 and located in Waterford, Connecticut – recreates the exact design and acoustics of the original Power Station in New York City, which was designed and built in 1976. Power Station was one of the most awarded recording studios in history, with an acoustical design that contributed to hundreds of Gold and Platinum records. The studio was renamed Avatar in 1996.

‘Console legend’ Ed Evans was on hand for the commissioning of the Neve 8068, which was originally installed at Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady Studio in NYC in 1979, and most recently at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota. The console played a role in historic recordings by such artists as John Lennon, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Nirvana.

"I was quite careful to not change the character of the original 8068, since it is one of my favourite designs by Neve," said Evans. "My goal was to add some needed functionality to make it more compatible with the way people work today."

The new Studio B, known as the Mix Room, features the SSL 4064 G+, which previously resided at Royaltone Studios in Los Angeles, later renamed Kung Fu Gardens by owner Linda Perry.

Vintage King Audio also supplied a range of additional gear for the 2017 reopening including Pro Tools 56-channel HD-X; 56 Channels of AVID HD i/o; API 3124, Mercury m72, Chandler TG-2, and Shadow Hills mic pre’s; two EL-8x Distressors; Retro STA Level; SPL Transient Designer; and microphones: Bock 251, two Coles 4038s, two Flea m49s, Neumann m269c, and two Royer 121 Ribbons.