Powersoft at the core of ‘world’s largest subwoofer club install’

Powersoft’s M-Force technology has been used to power what is being described as "the world’s largest subwoofer club installation" at the Avalon venue in Hollywood, California.

While other venues may opt for sound systems featuring a well-known brand, Avalon is able to offer it own speaker series.

No stranger to conceptualising ‘game-changing’ speakers, owner John Lyons is an audio expert responsible for installing sound systems at some of the world’s leading nightclubs. Lyons and premier audio engineers at EAW and Powersoft worked hard for two years to perfect a new speaker for Avalon, which "creates earth-crushing sub bass,” Lyons says.

Each cabinet includes a 40in Powersoft cone – thought to be the largest ever and the result of new technological advances in electro acoustics. Lyons and EAW were able to use such a large cone by incorporating Powersoft’s patented M-Force moving magnet linear motor technology into the cabinets, which enabled more air movement with faster response time … and zero power compression.

The result was a cleaner, more powerful sound that was previously impossible to produce – particularly in the lower frequency ranges – according to Powersoft.

M-Force technology is a method of acoustic transduction characterised by a moving magnet and genuine push-pull behaviour. This application of positive and negative electromagnetic fields allows for the motor to oscillate at an "unprecedented level." It is so powerful that if the motor were used outside of a speaker system, it would be able to move with 1,000 lbs of force.

Each subwoofer cabinet (there are six in total) also contains two Powersoft M-Drive modules used to supply power for the M-Force motor, the cone and each of the traditional speakers. The Italian firm claims that the M-Drive is the most powerful single module ever made, able to generate 15,000W at 2 ohms.

Doing this adds to the Avalon by EAW CLUB.one Sound System, which John Lyons also designed in conjunction with EAW, officially completing what is being called "the Bugatti of revolutionary club sound."