Powersoft introduces new care plan for rack amp customers

Italian amp specialist Powersoft has rolled out a new care plan for its rack amplifier customers, which will be available via the company’s MyPowersoft portal from November 20.

The plan is made up of two distinct services; Warranty Extension and Service Shield, both of which can be purchased separately. 

Warranty Extension will cover the relevant amplifier platform with up to three-year extension on Powersoft’s standard warranty. This service is available from MyPowersoft and can be activated during the first year of the product’s life.  

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The Service Shield, meanwhile, includes an option to protect a purchaser’s investment from accidental damage during the first year of its life. This provides assistance from the company’s customer care services for one repair (or substitution in specific cases) of the amplifier. This service is also available from MyPowersoft and can be activated during the first 30 days of the product’s life.

“We are really proud and excited to announce new added value services aimed to strengthen Powersoft’s after sales services overall,” said Iacopo Vannucchi, Powersoft’s customer care manager. “Powersoft has always paid attention to product reliability and we want to build on the excellence of our products so our customers benefit from this confidence. The Powersoft Care Plan demonstrates the our willingness to provide excellent customer-focussed programme that matches the enviable reputation of our products in terms of quality and reliability, and to offer this exceptional user experience even longer.“