Powersoft K Series amplifiers for revamped Greek nightclub

Greek nightclub brand ‘W’ has had a new sound system designed and installed at its club in Nafplio as part of a complete refurbishment.

The new sound set-up, which features a number of Powersoft amplifiers, was designed by Aris Issaris of DN’A Systems following talks with the owners and a full site survey. The owners were looking to upgrade the club’s audio offering with a high-powered dance floor sound system that provides high sound quality, as well as good coverage throughout the venue.

For the main PA, Issaris opted for six t&m Systems two-way 12-inch Unity 12 loudspeakers, arranged in two clusters of three, with four dual 18-inch Unity218 subs handling 16,000W to supply the significant levels of low frequency power and impact that were required. A raised balcony over the perimeter of the site is served by by 12 t&m Systems two-way eight-inch XS8 units, combined with four dual ten-inch XS10.2S subs.

Issaris decided to go with Powersoft amplifiers throughout, with a K3 DSP driving the Unity12s and a K6 DSP working the Unity218 subs. An M30D DSP also powers the XS8s and an M14D DSP the XS10.2S subs. The system is processed by Armonía Pro Audio Suite – also from Powersoft – which controls crossovers, delay lines, limiters, equalisation, damping control and Vrms output.

“Using t&m Systems and Powersoft has enabled us to deliver outstanding quality and sound levels that is truly impressive for the budget”, Issaris said. “’W’ is a quality, exciting club, with a sound system to match."

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