Powersoft M Series enhances Wanhe Grand Theatre

Powersoft M28Q and M50Q amplifiers were recently installed at the Grand Theatre in the Wanhe Shopping Mall of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China to power the new EAW KF720 PA house system.

Local Powersoft distributor Shenzhen EZpro Sound & Light Technology Co., Ltd supplied the EAW loudspeaker systems and Powersoft amplification.

A 40 channel digital mixing system comprising Allen & Heath’s GLD112 Control Interface, AR2412 and AR0804 AudioRacks handles the audio control and mixing. All PA systems are optimised via an EAW UX8800 digital signal processor and powered by Powersoft M series digital amplifiers – three M28Q and four M50Q.

The 1,500-square-metre theatre, which distinguishes itself as the first of its kind to be housed within a big shopping mall in China, accommodates approximately 500 people with advanced performance facilities that satisfy a wide range of function needs including concerts, model shows, academic reports, new products releases, art performances, and conferences.

After modelling with EAW Resolution and EASE 4.0 software, technical manager Lian Xuejun specified a complete EAW house system featuring the KF720 three-way line arrays.

The PA system adopted a stereo configuration: the left and right line array, each consisting of six KF720 modules, are hung separately on the splayed walls on both sides of the stage, providing even coverage for the entire space. To fulfil the theatre’s aesthetic requirements, all subwoofers and monitors were installed and hidden within the walls consisting of six EAW NTS250 subwoofers, three on each side installed in the splayed walls. Four further EAW MK8126iU enclosures were unobtrusively installed on the proscenium wall, alongside four EAW VFM129 full range loudspeakers acting as mobile stage monitors.

To cater for other function needs, the theatre also installed eight EAW CR72z two-way, passive full range loudspeakers on the side and back walls of the audience area to provide for a true immersive surround experience.

“Powersoft was chosen mainly because of its outstanding high efficiency. With patented PFC technology, Powersoft amplifiers can adapt to a wide range of voltages and will not reduce the output even in very low voltage levels, ensuring maximum output in any circumstances,” Lian Xuejun explained. “Besides, Powersoft M series amplifiers only takes up a single rack space unit, which leaves a very small footprint and allows for rapid heat dissipation, ensuring a safe operation at all times.”