Powersoft provides ‘punch and clarity’ at Ningbo’s EVER Club

Located in the prominent business district of Ningbo, China, EVER Club looks set to become one of the city’s leading party destinations, thanks in part to the recent installation of an EAW and Powersoft sound system.

Serving a broader demographic than just the affluent urban crowd, EVER Club aims to become “a club with vitality," and to make this happen, a robust sound system was an essential requirement. When it came to the choice of amplifiers, the team at EZPro International looked no further than Powersoft K3’s – six were used to drive four EAW Avalon CLUB.two loudspeakers.

“The system must be able to express EVER Club’s mysterious flavor and individuality, and to create an atmosphere where clubbers can resonate with the music,” shared Mr. Zhu, technical manager at EZPro.

At the heart of the club is an annular bar counter, and the technical team from EZPro decided to use four EAW CLUB.two cabinets to configure the main PA system. The loudspeakers were flown 3.5m high above the floor, all pointing to the center DJ area from four corners to deliver a vibrant audio experience.

“CLUB.two is highly efficient with its horn loaded design. It uses four 12-in LF cones arranged in a symmetrical pattern behind the mid/high section to produce maximum, distortion-free output," Zhu continued. "It not only has seismic lows and crystalline highs, but also features simple, elegant, symmetrical modern design that perfectly matches the interior decoration of EVER Club.”

One EAW UX8800 is further employed to provide the EAW loudspeakers with optimised digital processing, including EAW Focusing settings.

Zhu was impressed with the performance of the K3’s: “The K3 amplifiers are very versatile and produce great, unchanging sound quality, no matter what type of loudspeaker they are connected to," he said. "They feature excellent sonic quality by design, including amp clip limiters and patented ripple cancellation network. The sound produced was much tighter and has a ‘punch’ which I’m sure performers and the audience can feel.

“To get that much output and quality from such a small footprint was amazing.”