Powersoft takes control with new ArmoníaPlus software

Powersoft has introduced ArmoníaPlus, its redesigned loudspeaker control software.

The ArmoníaPlus simple interface presents a single window with four main views: Workspace, System List, Operator View, and Events. The Workspace is divided into two parts, with amplifiers occupying the left-hand space and loudspeakers sitting on the right.

Users can move through four main steps: Design, Config, Tune, and Show, each offering a variety of functions. Once the link function is completed, operations can be carried out directly at the loudspeaker and auditioning different presets becomes simple.

Amplifiers can be added directly to a rack, while loudspeakers can be grouped together, vertically and horizontally. Arrays of loudspeakers can also be ‘packed’ together so that when linking amplifiers, an algorithm will auto-select the next item, based on proximity, model and position on the screen, thus avoiding manual errors.

Creating advanced groups of loudspeakers offers the possibility of adjusting Gain, Delay, Polarity, and EQ. The new Tune:EQ page allows users to monitor the overall curve applied to every speaker, including groups. A Headroom meter adapts its LEDs based on the limiters of the speaker itself, showing an at-a-glance view of how hard the speakers are being driven.

The interface is designed to be free from sub-menus, with every function available via either a right-click or a hotkey. Each portion of a sound system project can be exported as a “template”, a building block for a bigger system which can be replicated in the Workspace as required. Meanwhile, with the shading function, ArmoníaPlus can reduce the gain and the loudspeaker limiter thresholds coherently, keeping the balance between elements even if the system is limiting.

The new version of the software, which co-exists with the previous iteration, is available to download here.