PreSonus announces two StudioLive AI Mix Systems

PreSonus has revealed two new StudioLive AI Mix Systems, designed to deliver large-format channel counts, recording, powerful DSP and more for under $7,000. 

Available in 48 and 64-channel frame sizes, StudioLive AI Mix Systems consist of two cascaded StudioLive AI consoles, a joining bracket that locks the two mixers together, a PreSonus PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone and a custom dust cover.

StudioLive AI Mix Systems perform as a cohesive mixer and offer a surface-driven workflow with one-to-one control over every parameter. Every channel is routed through the bus outputs of the master mixer and every global setting is controlled from the Master to provide integration between the two cascaded consoles.

Each StudioLive AI Mix System promises a robust audio interface, to make it easy to record and playback audio as well as to plugins as inserts on any of channel. Once each mixer has been connected to a wireless router with a standard ethernet cable, the user is ready to remote control the StudioLive AI Mix System from an iPad or iPhone, or go wireless using the included USB WiFi LAN adapters.

The StudioLive 64AI Mix System cascades two StudioLive 32.4.2AI mixers to create a 64-channel system with 80 x 66, continuously bidirectional FireWire 800 recording interface; 26 mix buses including eight effects buses (for four reverb and four delay processors), and 558 discrete EQ and dynamics processors. 

Meanwhile, the 48AI comprises two cascaded StudioLive 24.4.2AI mixers, resulting in a 48-channel console with onboard 64 x 50 FireWire 800 recording interface; 22 total mix buses, including eight effects buses and DSP processing on every channel and bus for a total of 438 EQ and dynamics processors.

Like every StudioLive AI mixer, the StudioLive 64AI and 48AI Mix System include the StudioLive Software Library. The library includes PreSonus’ Capture live recording software, Studio One Artist DAW, VSL-AI with Smaart Measurement Technology for Mac and Windows, SL Remote-AI for iPad, and QMix-AI for iPhone/iPod touch, plus a free account with PreSonus’ Nimbit online direct-to-fan marketing and distribution service.