PreSonus Studio One 3 gains new add-ons

PreSonus has released a Channel Strip Collection and Studio Grand Add-ons for Studio One 3 Artist and Studio One 3 Professional, the latest in a series of upgrade options designed to enhance the software.

The Channel Strip Collection ($79.99) provides two new channel strip plug-ins with preamp, compressor, and EQ that let the user add a distinctive character to your tracks and mixes.

The RC 500 plug-in (pictured) models the company’s popular RC 500 channel strip, which includes a low-distortion, high-gain, solid-state Class A preamplifier; custom-designed FET compressor and custom semi-parametric EQ. PreSonus’ VT1 plug-in includes a modelled high-end tube preamp, along with the compressor and EQ. The compressor and EQ for both plug-ins have been engineered to deliver ‘musically tasteful’ results, even at extreme settings.

The RC500 and VT1 were created via State Space Modeling, a proprietary physical modelling technique developed by PreSonus. The State Space approach analyses a complete system schematic and recognises the circuit as a set of discrete differential equations. The nonlinear circuit elements are modelled right down to the component level in order to include all the ‘dirt-effects’ that were crucial to the analogue original’s sound, such as bias shifts, time dependencies and saturation.

The resulting DSP code is then CPU-optimised for maximum efficiency.

Grand Designs

PreSonus has also introduced the Studio Grand Piano ($79.99) instrument presets and sample content for Presence XT, which the firm says was recorded in a word-class recording studio. This contemporary seven-foot concert grand is the same instrument included in the Presence XT Core library for Studio One 3 Professional, but offers ten times the depth and size.

Two microphone sets captured every detail – a matched pair of German condenser mics in the player’s perspective and a pair of high-end ribbon microphones placed on the side in the listener’s perspective. Each mic set is included as a separate instrument. Studio One 3 Professional users also get a Multi Instrument preset that combines both mic sets and allows them to be mixed individually in the Studio One mix console.

Each note of the octave has been sampled in ten velocity layers with eight alternate (round-robin) samples for added realism. Other features include authentic pedal action noise, sustain pedal resonances and note-off samples, all controlled by powerful custom scripts and script controls. A variety of presets covers a wide range of musical styles and allows for deep customisation.

Studio One 3 Professional was reviewed in the September issue of Audio Media International.