Primacoustic?s London 16 room kit unveiled

Acoustics solutions specialists Primacoustic have introduced the London 16 room kit. Described as a ‘studio in a box’, the kit is designed to turn any room into a functional workspace.

Intended for use in larger rooms, the London 16 is assembled from 38 high-performance Broadway panels, designed to provide even absorption throughout the audio range to ensure mixes translate accurately from room-to-room or when listening in a car. Broadway panels are also class-1 fire rated for safe use in residential and commercial buildings.

Jay Porter, Primacoustic product specialist, said: “The London 16 was developed with professional control rooms, studios, and post-production facilities in mind, but will work practically in any room where the acoustics need to be brought under control.”

The London 16 comes with 12 12”x48”x2” Control Columns to control primary reflections and six 24”x48”x2” Broadband Absorbers for low frequency bass control, plus 24 12”x12”x1” Scatter Blocks, which introduce soft diffusion while also reducing flutter echo.