Prism Sound updates Lyra Audio Interface to match Titan and Atlas

Prism Sound’s Lyra audio interface has been given a refresh to bring it in line with its larger multitrack audio interface siblings, Titan and Atlas. The update creates a uniform look for the entire Prism Sound audio interface range.

The unit now boasts the same black-fronted look as its stablemates, along with an updated Prism Sound logo. It can also be controlled using the company’s recently updated software app (for Mac and Windows). This enables musicians, composers and producers to manipulate the unit from their own computer, speeding up workflow.

“We have created a distinctive brand image for our flagship audio interfaces, so bringing Lyra into the fold was a natural next step,” explains Mark Evans, Prism Sound’s Sales Director. “Lyra is already very cool because it gives recording professionals easy access to Prism Sound’s high quality audio conversion at a very cost effective price. The new look makes it even more desirable, while having the ability to control Lyra via our software app makes the unit much simpler to operate. The app provides a clearer, more user-friendly presentation in a re-sizeable window, making it easy to read on the latest 4K screens as well as on older computers.”

Based on Prism Sounds Orpheus interface, Lyra allows music recording professionals to access the sophistication of the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package and at a more accessible price point.

The Lyra 1 interface has two analogue input channels, one for instrument/line and one for mic/line, plus two DA output channels and optical-only digital I/O. Lyra 2 includes two AD input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four DA output channels. Both versions incorporate new ARM Cortex processor design offering class-compliant USB interfacing that allows for seamless integration with both Macs and PCs. Both versions also offer digital volume control, a low latency ‘console-quality’ digital mixer for foldback monitoring and optical SPDIF capability.

Customers who have recently added a Lyra to their recording armoury include Dance music producers Nu:Tone, Hugh Hardie and Etherwood, composer Iain Archer and musician and producer Tim Gennert.