Pro Sound Awards: Andre Jacquemin receives finalist nomination

Andre Jacquemin has got to the final four in the Studio – Recording Production of the Year category of the first Pro Sound Awards, which will take place on 19 September at the Ministry of Sound.

Jacquemin worked on all the Monty Python projects over 40 years and recently produced sound for A Liar’s Autobiography by Graham Chapman.

“It’s always nice to be appreciated for the hard work we do in the media industry, also nice to know at least someone’s seen or heard your work,” he said. “We are very privileged to be able to work in an industry that normally would be someone’s hobby and get paid for it! These Awards give us the encouragement to be innovative for our next projects.

“With all this new technology developing at a rapid rate it makes us more adventurous in what we do, but essentially it’s still down to the individual to use technology creatively in their projects. Thankfully events like the Pro Sound Awards recognise the hard creative efforts that we put into our work. Thanks again for putting a smile on my face for this finalist nomination.”

Finalists David Wrench; Ben Drew, Eric Appapoulay and Al Shux; and Mark Ronson complete the Studio – Recording Production of the Year category.

The Pro Sound Awards ticket price is just £45.00. Contact Sarah Harris for further information.