PRO SOUND AWARDS: Studio finalists praise inaugural event

As the first Pro Sound Awards approaches, the ‘Studio of the Year’ finalists have offered their reactions to being nominated.

With the event due to take place on September 19th 2013 at Ministry of Sound, representatives from British Grove, Astar, Snap and Wisseloord have spoken to Audio Pro International about how it feels to be a Pro Sound Awards finalist, and why the introduction of the event this year is good news for the pro audio industry…

David Stewart, British Grove studio manager

We’re delighted about being a finalist. It’s always good for people to get recognised in their work and a lot of the categories are for people who wouldn’t normally be recognised – engineers, assistants and people like that – and I think that’s a very valuable thing to recognise the contributions that those guys and girls make.

We set out to build a fine studio, as we had an exacting brief to create something that Mark Knopfler could work in and be proud of and so we worked very hard to maintain those standards.

Marco Pasquariello, Snap studio manager

Your awards represent a different collection of professionals that we perhaps don’t often deal with, and on a networking level it’s brilliant for us to meet people from broadcast, TV etc, who we wouldn’t normally. It sound likes it’s going to be a lot of fun!

We’re quite humbled, especially when you consider the other studios that have been nominated alongside us. We’re pleased that we’ve even been considered; we’ve worked really hard to get to this stage.

Andy Ross, Astar owner

I am proud and delighted that the quality of our studio and the uniquely innovative approach we have taken at Astar (pictured) has been honoured at the highest level by the Pro Sound Awards. At Astar we aim to provide an enjoyable recording experience and creative environment where artists can express themselves freely and feel inspired to produce their best performance.

Frederic Gervais, Wisseloord’s sales and account manager

We were very pleased for the recognition as we are very proud of our facility. It certainly helps to put a place like ours back on to the world map. We are very thankful.

We have rebuilt one of the world’s finest and renowned studios – for the local industry one could say it is the Abbey Road of the Netherlands. The main goal was to stay true to our origins, but catapult it technically into the new millennium, with a combination of the best gear and instruments from the old days, and the best converters, cabling etc of today.

The complete list of Pro Sound Award finalists can be found here.

For more details on the event, including information on how to book tickets, click here.

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