Pro Tools 11 Launches

This morning, in line with the opening of NAB in Las Vegas, Avid announced the next release of Pro Tools: version 11.

Pro Tools 11 is a complete re-write and re-structure of the existing software, taking advantage of the new hardware available today, to deliver, as Avid puts it: "A quantum leap in creative power and better workflows for todays challenging sessions and deadlines."

The upgrade is built on 64-bit architecture and contains a new core audio engine. The new engine utilises ‘dynamic host processing’, which essentially relocates processing resources where they are needed to allow a much higher plug-in count. The new engine in Pro Tools 11 now also delivers the ability to do offline bouncing for mixes and stems and a low-latency input buffer for recording without having to adjust your session setup or sacrifice plug-ins.

A major new feature that is sure to assist all markets of Pro Tools users is the expanded metering. Across all your tracks, and now on channel inserts and send slates, there are many metering standards from peak and RMS to VU and PPM to choose from. Version 11 will assist the user to fall in-line with broadcast specifications and now with gain reduction display as well, it will give an excellent visualisation of what’s happening in your mix at a glance.

A new Avid video engine enables HD video workflows as well as supporting a wide range of HD video formats directly in your time line without transcoding. This is the same engine as built into Avid’s Media Composer and along with the 64-bit architecture, Pro Tools 11 users will be able to collaborate directly with Media Composer editors.

Due to the 64-bit architecture, RTAS and TDM plug-ins are no longer compatible in version 11. Many native and AAX DSP plug-ins from third party developers are already prepared, though for those who want a slower transition, Avid is including version 10 with the version 11 license and installation. Avid is also continuing to support bidirectional session compatibility through versions 5.1 to 11. Version 11 will intelligently substitute TDM and RTAS plug-ins for Native and AAX plugins in a way to minimise delay compensation and processing power.

Pro Tools 11 is set for full release later in Q2, available in three versions – entry level to HD.