Producer Nigel Godrich makes cameo in new Star Wars film

Producer Nigel Godrich, often referred to as the ‘sixth member of Radiohead’, is credited in the new Star Wars movie as a Stormtrooper, NME has discovered.

Godrich, who also makes music with Thom Yorke under the Atoms For Peace guise, is listed on IMDB as playing FN-9330 – remaining indistinguishable as one of many identical soldiers who form the army of the First Order, the sci-fi blockbuster’s antagonists.

The Englishman’s involvement came to light when a Reddit post emerged pointing out the revelation, while electronic musician Four Tet proceeded to Tweet Godrich congratulating him on the cameo role.

It was later claimed that Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright helped the producer secure his role in the film.

Additionally, Pixar composer Michael Giacchino, who worked with The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams on Lost and Star Trek also has a cameo role as Stormtrooper FN-3181.